Guest Post: 3 Steps to Showing Value for Money in Your Advocacy Tender

Advocacy contracts are becoming tighter and increasingly price driven. Whether you agree with price driven commissioning or not you’ve got to show Commissioners how you offer value for money. You have to convince them that they are getting a good deal from you; in terms of both quality and cost. You can do this more […]

What Saville Row Tailors Can Teach Us About Bid Writing

Bid writing can be a laborious process. Even for experienced professionals sustaining the energy and focus needed to churn out quality responses to 10 or 20 questions at a time is a challenge. How can you speed it up? How can you make it easier? There’s one traditional tailors trick that can make a critical […]

The Only Way You Should Ever Begin Your Advocacy Funding Bid

What’s the most important part of your advocacy funding bid? What’s the one thing that will shape how your bid’s assessor rates the rest of it? It’s how you begin it. Because even in the world of bid writing first impressions matter most. A brilliant first impression casts the rest of your bid in a […]

Twelve tried and tested ways to improve your advocacy organisation’s funding prospects (via eight Advocacy Leaders)

Maintaining your advocacy service and growing its funding is hard work. Tenders are tougher than ever. Grant programmes become more competitive every month. To be successful there’s a lot of things to get right, and a lot of things you can get wrong. But within the advocacy community there’s a lot of experience and good […]

6 Hot Tips to Ease the Pain of Bid Writing

You’ve got a fundraising strategy. You’ve got good evidence that your project is needed and a list of funders to apply to. You’ve checked their guidelines and you know that you fit them. You know your project and your approach. You know what questions you’ll need to answer. You’re ready to go. All that stands […]