Top Ten Reasons for Advocates to be Social Media Literate

Social Media Icons10. You’re at a party and want to demonstrate that the advocacy profession is fully part of the 21st century and isn’t afraid to merge work and social boundaries.

9. You’re interested in understanding the cultural context of the lives of your clients who interact in the Web 2.0 world, especially since social media has become the #1 activity of the web and is growing more popular every day.

8. You want to get the latest news and opinions from the sector from people who care enough about it to share it.

7. You want to be able to crowdsource help on your latest advocacy dilemma

6. You might like to share a resource with a client that may help their ability to speak up and be heard.

5. You want to use your smartphone to connect with the world while you’re on the toilet.

4. You are looking for a way to help your organisation to develop fast, inexpensive ways to communicate with stakeholders and build support, including financial support.

3. You want to connect to, share with, and learn from a vibrant, interactive community of advocates from all over the UK (for example, check out my list of advocacy services and advocates on Twitter)

2. You foresee what’s ahead: that more and more people will be expecting their health and social care providers to interact with them via social media, and that advocates can help lead this shift in the dynamics of health care relationships. (maps and apps)

1. You want to let the world know what you had for dinner.

Got any more? I’d love to hear about them below.