Simple Tenders

Have you ever opened an advocacy tender pack and immediately felt overwhelmed by it? The number of jargon-filled and lengthy documents can be enough to make you sag at the  task ahead.

Sometimes your advocacy tender pack wants you to play detective

Simple Advocacy TendersYou may have come across any of the following suspects, each one designed to give you a headache before you’ve even begun: Form of Tender, Invitation to Tender, Commissioning Strategy, Commissioning Process, Code of Practice, Service Specification, Business Questionnaire, PQQ, Pricing Schedule, Method Statements, Terms and Conditions…

Piecing the pieces together and working out what the tender documents are saying can be a nightmare. The problem is it immediately creates a huge obstacle to writing a good tender response. Because how can you write well when you don’t feel clear about what you’re being asked to write?

Introducing the solution – Simple Tenders

Simple Tenders breaks the tender pack down into manageable, plain English chunks and gives you a running commentary on what you need to be writing in response.

The task ahead of you will immediately feel clearer and more achievable. You’ll have an ideal platform for planning and writing your tender response. You’ll have saved yourself time and you’ll feel more energised and confident about the job.

What’s included?

  • A summary of your tender pack and it’s overarching key points.
  • A short summary of each document, with important points highlighted.
  • A commentary on each method statement or response document. This outlines what a great response should include, gives prompts for further exploration, highlights outstanding areas of ambiguity and suggests questions to ask commissioners.
  • 1 hour telephone consultancy to talk about the tender and help you plan your next move.

Make your tender simple for a fixed price of £250.

Get in touch and tell me about your tender pack. I will let you know how quickly I can produce your Simple Tender. If you’re happy we’ll go from there.

If you’re not happy with your Simple Tender then just let me know and get a full refund.

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