Service Design

Direct help to improve your services and increase your impact

To write great bids you’ve got to have great services behind them. To win grants and tenders you’ve got to show that you are capable of delivering quality services that change people’s lives. Funders and commissioners need to see that your services create powerful impact and offer real value for money. You’ve got to have a service model that is efficient, accessible and outcome focussed, powered by an organisation that knows how to manage performance and deliver on contract terms.

That’s no mean challenge.

I can help though. I offer a bespoke service design and development package that shows you how to overcome your delivery challenges and provide better value.

Be at your best before you start bidding

After working with me your services will perform better and be more efficient, accessible and ready to attract funding. If your service doesn’t yet exist then you’ll have a powerful model that’s innovative, outcome focussed and achieveable.

“Joe is one of the most creative and inspirational professionals I have ever worked with and I am very proud of what he has achieved for us. It has been a pleasure to work with him and to watch him bring our vision of a community advocacy service for young people to fruition. His creativity and his value base in terms of young people’s rights and participation is an inspiration.”

Jackie Murphy, Assistant Director, Tros Gynnal (Welsh Advocacy Provider)


Though some of your advocacy organisation’s needs and problems may be common to the sector, their manifestation will be unique to you. The services you see below are designed to be fluid enough to morph into whatever shape and process needed to solve your problems. They are only an example of what I can do. Contact me to see what we might do together.

Innovate to Grow

  • For when you’re faced with persistent service delivery or organisational problems.
  • I learn about your issue, identify barriers to solving it and then take a highly creative approach to finding a solution that will work for you.
  • You get a solution that works, an implementation plan and support with the change process.
  • Your service is healthier and you feel more confident about bidding to continue delivering it.

Service Design Workshops

  • One of the best ways to involve your users in designing and improving your services, whether you’ve got funding yet or not.
  • Using professional design and innovation tools I’ll spend a day (sometimes two) with a selection of your staff, users and other stakeholders creating a service that is a truly collaborative and bottom-up affair.
  • You’ll get an amazing service model, a detailed specification and a step-by-step implementation plan so that you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to turn it into reality.
  • At the same time, your chances of getting funding will jump massively.

Case Management System Review

  • For when efficiency or monitoring is a problem.
  • I review your case management system, compare it with alternatives currenlty being used in the market.
  • Then I provide you with detailed recommendations for how to tighten and fix yours.
  • Your casework monitoring improves and your delivery outputs increase.
  • Your outcome tracking generates richer data about your impact, demonstrating your value and making your funders happier.

Accessibility and Marketing Service

  • For where your service take up or client retention is low.
  • I review your current approach then deliver you a report of my findings.
  • You get smart tools and content designed to build trust and remove barriers within your specific client group and their community of support.
  • Your service take up improves and your clients remain engaged longer.

What to do next

Contact me and lets talk. I’ll listen to what you have to say and ask a few questions about your situation. Then I’ll build you a service design package that meets your needs with a range of budget options. You decide whether you want to go for it.

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