Tender Writing

Direct help that boosts your advocacy tender’s chances of success

Could your organisation and services be better prepared for your next tender opportunity?

Are you wondering how you’re going to compete for your advocacy contract with other bidders and their bid writers?

Would you like someone else to do the work but don’t trust that they will understand advocacy in the same way as you?

This website has loads of great tips and tutorials but even when you’ve absorbed and learnt from them writing tenders can still be difficult.

Tenders are demanding documents

Writing them is intense work. They require a high degree of focus and a lot of nerve to see them through to deadline day (usually short!). If you’re going to delegate the job to someone else you’re going to want complete faith that they can deliver the goods.

That’s good because I want to help you create a bid you feel proud of.

As an ex-advocate I understand and share the same advocacy principles as you and the rest of the advocacy community. I ‘get’ advocacy in the same way as you and I understand how difficult it can be to produce a tender for commissioners who don’t get it in the same way. Even before you’ve decided to work with me we’re on the same page.

Joe was at the ‘right end of the spectrum’ for Grapevine. Basically he wan’t at the cold, hardnosed consultant end. Rather than delivering us services that were off the peg he listened carefully, got under our skin and actually put stuff onto our pegs. We didn’t just buy time with Joe, it was more than that.

Clare Wightman, CEO Grapevine Coventry and Warks

All my services are bespoke

The services below are examples of how I can help you, whatever stage of the tender journey you’re at. Contact me and I’ll be happy to produce a proposal that combines them or brings in new elements in a way that suits you.

If you need a full tender writing service then rest assured that your bid will not be copied from similar tenders or delivered off the peg. It will be unique, authentic and carry the voice of your organisation. Each statement or question response will be produced specifically for your tender, increasing the number of points it scores when assessed.

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Ready to Bid

  • Useful if you’re considering bidding for a new contract.
  • Increases your market knowledge and strengthens your bidding position.
  • Gets you ready to make a bigger impact with your next tender.
  • Ingredients include last tender review, organisational review and development recommendations, commissioner research and link building, competitor research, in-depth testimonial collection.

Simple Tenders

  • Useful for when you’re faced with a complicated or convoluted tender that you don’t understand.
  • Helps you feel much clearer on what you need to do to write a greate tender response wihtout the need for my support.
  • Basically I take the whole tender pack, review it and then break it down into a list of manageable plain English key points.
  • Then I write you a jargon-free commentary on each question or method statement, outlining what’s needed, significant factors to think about and any questions you should be asking of commissioners.
  • To find out more about Simple Tenders and how much it costs click here.

The Full Tender

  • The biggie.
  • I work directly alongside you to produce a high quality tender-optimised bid that brings out the best in your organisation, turns commissioner heads and increases your chances of winning the contract.

Tender Health Check-up

  • Useful if you’ve already produced a draft tender response and want critical feedback on how it could be improved.
  • You send me your existing bid and I check it over for signs of weakness.
  • Then I report my findings along with recommendations for how you can take it to the next level.

Deadline Day Service

  • For when the deadline is looming and you need to call on the cavalry!
  • Despite best laid plans sometimes you’ll find yourself right up against it to get your tender completed on time.
  • If this is you then contact me, tell me about your situation, and I’ll get back to you super quick with details of how I can help solve the problem.

Wherever you are on your tender journey my services can be tailored and combined to meet your needs.

I expected to get an expert in writing advocacy tenders. This was exactly what I got. Joe picked up on what we were about very quickly and delivered an impressive tender. There wasn’t time to do lots of toing and froing with the tender questions so I was trusting Joe to get it right first time. This made it a harder piece of work but I was really pleased with the end product. It made life much easier for us.

Avis Mulhearn, CEO at Advocacy Experience

What to do next

At this point you’ll probably be wondering ‘how much is this going to cost me’? Let me know what you need and I’ll listen carefully. Then I’ll craft you a proposal that gives you options, whatever your budget.

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