Grant Applications

Direct help that makes your bid stand out from the crowd

Do you struggle to regularly submit grant applications for advocacy services that you know your clients need?

Are you wondering how you’re going to find the time to focus on the next bid while at the same time keeping the wheels rolling on your advocacy service?

Would you like to out-source your bid writing but fear you won’t get a service that’s personal to your organisation?

We don’t have money to throw around. We have to be careful not to waste it and bid writers can feel like a luxury. But… Joe can pull it off. And in the time.

Clare Wightman, CEO, Grapevine Coventry and Warks

Even if you’ve studied all the material on this site you’ve still got to find the time and concentration to put together a funding strategy and write multiple bids. It’s almost impossible to consistently produce high quality, focussed bids while keeping the wheels rolling on your advocacy service. I did it while running a young people’s mental health advocacy service but then I had help from my bid writing mentor.

How a bid writer helped my service

Back in 2008 after several funding rejections at Maze Advocacy we were down to our last five months of funding. If we didn’t succeed soon then the service would close. What saved us was bringing in a professional bid writer. In a matter of hours he transformed the quality of our three remaining bids, improving their clarity, power and persuasiveness while remaining faithful to our vision for the service.

When the bids came back we had won £300k in funding.

That’s when I realised I could learn to do the same for others (read the full story of why your bid is in safe hands here)

I want to help you improve your bids in the same way

I will provide you with a made to measure bid writing service that flexes around your needs and bid writing ability.

It will ramp up the quality of your bids, catch funders attention and ensure that your bid is one of the best they read.

I know the main advocacy grant funders, what impresses them and what they like to fund. This will help you choose the best ones to apply to and craft a bid that presses their favourite buttons. At the same time your bid will be uniquely yours. I don’t use any off the peg content and craft every bid in a way that faithfully captures the passion and values of your organisation. I can do this because I was an advocate for seven years, a manager for five and have been a bid writer for eight.

My experience of working with Joe has been very positive. He combines a broad strategic overview with acute attention to detail – a combination that is critical to fundraising success. He has strong values, is an impassioned authority in his specialist field of work and communicates exceptionally well both in writing and face-to-face. I have no hesitation in recommending Joe.

James Baddeley, former Deputy CEO of Speaking Up



Needs Analysis

  • Get this right and it will dramatically increases your bid’s chances of success.
  • One of the most common reasons for a bid being rejected is because it didn’t adequately demonstrate the need or carry out enough user consultation.
  • Tell me about the project that’s needed and I’ll tell you what you need to do to generate rock solid, incontrovertible evidence for it.
  • I can even do it for you and produce an independent report outlining my findings, strengthening the credibility of your evidence even further.

Fundraising Strategy

  • Without one your funding efforts will simply lack focus.
  • This will show in the quality of your final bids and you risk wasting time applying to funders who don’t match you.
  • Using my funder knowledge I can quickly put together a strategy tailored to your proposal with a list of recommended funders, timeframes and further considerations.
  • You can then rest assured that you’re on the best funding track possible and moving with a purpose towards your target.

Bid Writing

  • For when you need someone to take the weight off your shoulders and still do justice to your vision.
  • I will personally produce for you a full, high quality bid or suite of bids, optimised to what each funder is particularly looking for and faithful to your ideas and values.
  • You’ll also get experience based critical insights and suggestions for developing your ideas in ways that increase their impact and offer better value for money.
  • Your bid will be significantly richer, stronger and more appealing.

Bid Health Check-up

  • For when you’ve already drafted your bid and want critical feedback on how to take it to the next level.
  • You send me your existing bid and I check it over for signs of poor health and lack of vitality.
  • Then I report my findings to you along with recommendations for how to improve its health and make sure its fighting fit for funder trials.

Deadline Day Service

  • For that moment when you realise that you’re not going to have enough time to do your bid the justice it deserves (sometimes that’s just the way it goes!)
  • Would you feel happy after weeks of preparation, to be submitting a bid that you’re not 100% satisfied with, knowing that with just a little bit of help at the end you could have been?
  • If this is you and you want that little bit of last minute help then please contact me, tell me about your needs, and I’ll tell you super quickly how I can help.

What to do next

Tell me what you’re planning and what you think you need, then ask me how much it’s going to cost. I’ll give you detailed options and no-obligations. You’ve nothing to lose.

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