Direct help to write better bids and get more funding

Advocacy Bid Writing ServicesDo you struggle to find the time or expertise to write bids and tenders to the level you would like?

Do you need someone who knows how to apply every piece of this website’s advice to write your bid for you?

This website’s content is designed to help you get advocacy funding yourself. But sometimes you may not have the time to do the diligent work that you know your bid deserves, or you may just want a bid writer to do the work for you.

I can offer a solution.

By working directly alongside your organisation I can help you create better bids and better services so you get more funding and improve your impact. Check out some example services below or contact me to see what we might do together.

Paul Morrish of VoiceAbilityJoe has worked really well with colleagues across the organisation bringing real expertise to our fundraising work in some key specialist areas. He has a strong ethical foundation to his work, as well as a sound and shrewd business focus. He’s challenging and engaging, and has helped us think and learn as a team. He has worked exceptionally hard for us, and has been well organised in his approach. Last, but by no means least, he has been good fun to work with and has rapidly come to feel like one of the team.”

Paul Morrish, Deputy Chief Executive at VoiceAbility


Tenders and Contracts

Your organisation needs to be fully prepared to tender and you need to produce a bid that blows your commissioners away. To see how I can help you do this click here.

Grant Applications

Winning grants is tougher than winning contracts. Sometimes only 1 in 15 bids will succeed. I can help increase your success rate. To find out how click here.

Service Design and Development

Creating powerful user impact is one of the best ways to show funders and commissioners that you have what it takes to be the right choice.  To create impact you’ve got to have a service model that is efficient, accessible and outcome focussed. I can help you review and develop your existing model or create one from scratch using innovative advocacy service design workshops. Find out how by clicking here.

Clare Wightman of Grapevine“I have real confidence in Joe’s personal calibre and the work he’s done for us.” 

Clare Wightman, CEO Grapevine Coventry and Warks