Learn to Write Better Bids

Learn to write better bidsAdvocacyfunding.co.uk has lots of good resources but sometimes you’re going to want something more structured to help you write better bids.

That’s why I’m creating a load of free, focussed, indepth resources designed exclusively for the Advocacy Funding community.

Writing advocacy tenders is hard work

Writing advocacy tenders is difficult. They can be massive bids, up to 100 or more pages (I’ve seen them over 150!). You’ve got to give commissioners a full, convincing and professional representation of your plans and capabilities. And often you’ve only got 2-3 weeks to write your response.

That’s why I’ve created this six part Better Advocacy Tenders course that guides you through the development of your tender’s core content, in advance.

The Solution

Better Advocacy Tenders will help you get prepared in advance so you can make the most of your bid preparation time. Even if you’re an in-house bid writer you’ll find it a useful way to review and refresh your existing stock content. Here’s what signing up for it will do for you:

  • Increase the chances of your bid being successful
  • Improve your ability to tackle most common tender areas
  • Boost your confidence in taking on big tenders
  • Help you create strong content that’s ready to respond flexibly to your tender’s needs
  • Help you generate content that can be used in other bids and grant applications
  • Make you feel organised in your approach to your tender
  • Give you more energy and time to tackle the more unique parts of the tender that you couldn’t have prepared for

What you get

  • Six weekly email lessons on how to make your tender stronger, focussing on:
    • Contract Implementation
    • Quality and Performance
    • Partnerships
    • Accessibility
    • Reporting and Contract Management
    • Innovation
  • Tips on how to present your responses in ways that Commissioners like
  • Advice on what not to say, and how to turn your weaknesses into opportunities
  • Key elements checklists for each focus area so you can easily make sure you’ve got each element covered.

What you need to do next

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