Why Advocacy is So Damn Fundable

Advocacy Funding Bag of Grants Money

Advocacy services deserve more

Advocacy is a truly terrific way to help people. It tackles the root causes of people’s problems in a fresh and innovative way. It involves its users at every step of the process, drives system-wide change and is delivered by a deeply committed workforce.

But it’s not getting the number of grants it deserves. Even though it can reduce service dependency and save local authorities a tonne of money, funders don’t yet get its value.

Let’s see what we can do about changing that.

Are you with me?

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Guest Post: 3 Steps to Showing Value for Money in Your Advocacy Tender

Value for Money film poster

Who is the star of your value for money advocacy tender show?

Advocacy contracts are becoming tighter and increasingly price driven. Whether you agree with price driven commissioning or not you’ve got to show Commissioners how you offer value for money.

You have to convince them that they are getting a good deal from you; in terms of both quality and cost.

You can do this more easily by understanding their definition of value and then showing that your outcomes offer this value.

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7 Ways to Show Funders the Crying Need for your Advocacy Service (Part 2)

Dog wanting advocacy funding

Hey, it’s good to see you again. Welcome to Part 2 of a two part series on how to coolly and clearly convince funders of the crying need for your advocacy service. The series takes you through the different types of evidence you need and shows you how to use them to make your bid […]

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What Saville Row Tailors Can Teach Us About Bid Writing

Advocacy tailoring

Bid writing can be a laborious process. Even for experienced professionals sustaining the energy and focus needed to churn out quality responses to 10 or 20 questions at a time is a challenge. How can you speed it up? How can you make it easier? There’s one traditional tailors trick that can make a critical […]

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7 Ways to Show Funders the Crying Need for your Advocacy Service (Part 1)

Big eyed dog crying

“Pick me, my project is desperately needed!” is the cry of every good funding bid. In fact it’s the minimum that it needs to say to stand any chance of success. If it’s not saying it then you’re better off starting again or going home. If your bid’s not crying its heart out then your funder-to-hopefully-be […]

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The Secret to Convincing Funders of the Need for your Advocacy Service

Need for advocacy

You understand the need for advocacy. You deal with it everyday. You know it like the back of your hand and it’s why you do this job. So you should be able to tell funders about it really clearly and convincingly. Right? So why is poor communication of need one of the top 5 reasons […]

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